Chemical Resistant Coatings

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Technon Chemical Resistant Coating Systems are systems that can be applied to steel and concrete surfaces, resistant to intense aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.

Our products are;
- Uflex VS
- Uflex RS

Technon Chemical Resistant Coating Systems are widely used;

- Secondary storage areas
- Concrete floors
- Tank floors
- Areas requiring chemical protection

used in places such as It can also be applied to concrete and steel surfaces that require special protection. The systems are as follows and we can specify the main differences between them as follows;

It is recommended to use a topcoat Powder system for areas that require intense chemical protection and for forklift & vehicular traffic, high abrasive environments or areas where impact is likely to occur. System; It shows a superior sealing resistance to high temperature, intense aggressive chemicals.

Optionally, the last layer of the MR (Matt Reinforced) system can be added according to the purpose of use (for food approved or for specific regions, layers with extra chemical resistance can be added)

It is recommended to use MR (Matt Reinforced) systems in areas that require intense chemical protection and have less corrosive effects, and where the main purpose is to provide sealing with chemical protection.

The layers of both systems may vary according to the type, concentration and temperature of the chemical to which they will be exposed. Please consult Technon representative for the selection of systems.