Rubber Lining

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Rubber offers two decisive benefits when it comes to heavy-duty corrosion protection: Being a soft rubber lining, it is flexible and conforms very well to structures that „live“. In addition, rubber linings are highly impervious and reliably protect against exposure to liquids and even gases.

Work shop lining systems, which are applied unvulcanized and then vulcanized by Technon into its autoclave at high pressure and temperature by steam or hot air. For installations such as tanks, pipelines, quench towers, venturies, pickling tanks or built-in components (drums, nozzles or rollers, etc.)

Technon Rubber Lining Products;

Technobutyl 2030 SC - Self-vulcanizing bromobutyl (BIIR) soft rubber
Technoline N45 - Autoclave vulcanizing natural soft rubber (NR) resistant to abrasion
Technoline N60 - Natural and styrene-butadiene rubber (NR-SBR) resistant to abrasion 
Technoline N65 - Autoclave vulcanizing natural rubber (NR) resistant to abrasion and corrosion
Technodurit 1020 AC - Graphite-filled hard rubber lining based on natural rubber (NR)
Adhesive AD - Rubber lining adhesive
Primer 1 - Rubber lining primer

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